YouTube will now display ads on non-monetized content

The terms of service for YouTube will change starting June 1. It seems YouTube might be adding the “Right to Monetize” feature in the next few months, which means it might start displaying ads on some non-monetized videos.

So it’s likely YouTube will display ads in your video regardless of whether you choose not to – but you won’t get any revenue from them unless you sign up for Youtube Partner Program.

As explained by YouTube:

“Channels that aren’t in YPP won’t receive a share of the revenue from these ads, though still have the opportunity to apply for YPP as they normally would once they meet the eligibility requirements,”

YouTube to start showing ads on non-monetized videos
Source: YouTube Help (

Throughout the years, many creators have opted not to include ads in their YouTube videos. As a result, people were able to watch creators’ content without interruption – but it now appears YouTube will still put ads in those videos. In short, it might be best for creators to take part in the monetization program.

To ensure your YouTube embedded videos remain ad-free, it may be useful to audit your campaigns and websites to determine where your videos are embedded and move to a paid provider without ads. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict whether your non-monetized brand video will end up featuring an ad from a competitor.

So, To participate in YPP, Your channel needs more than 4,000 valid watch hours and more than 1,000 subscribers.

The changes will begin to take place in the US and other nations by the mid of 2021.

Source: YouTube’s Terms of Service

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