YouTube will now allow creators to change channel name without changing account name

YouTube, a Google-owned video streaming platform, will now allow creators to change their channel name and profile picture without requiring to update their Google account’s name and photo.

Before now, YouTube creators had to update their complete Google account’s name and icon, so their name on YouTube was the same as the name they used to send emails in Gmail.

NOTE: The only disadvantage of this new functionality is that if a creator makes changes to their account, they will lose their verification badge (if they have one) and will have to reapply for it.

Steps to change your Channel Name and Profile picture:

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  • Open YouTube Studio on your desktop.
  • From the left column, choose Customization.
  • Simply Click on Basic Information.
  • To edit, select the pencil icon.
  • Change your name or profile photo.
  • Click the Publish button.

According to official statements reported by The Verge from YouTube, this feature is the outcome of a ‘top request from creators.’

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