YouTube Introduces ‘New to You’ feed to Help Discover New Content

With the “New to You” feed on mobile, YouTube hopes to attract new viewers.

Ultimately, these features should make it easier for channels to gain attention outside of their existing audiences.

This feature curates new content for the individual according to his or her preferences. It’s called “New to You.”.

 Youtube New To You Feed

The new feature will be visible on top of YouTube’s topic carousel. Moreover, direct access (Prompt) to the New to You feed will be provided in the feed. Users can discover new types of videos as a result of a new set of exploratory recommendations.

YouTube explains that New to You differs from Explore.

The Explore feature on YouTube allows viewers to browse specific verticals, like music or news.

Users’ interests are not taken into consideration when recommending content in Explore.

New to You is personalized, however.

YouTube’s goal with this feature is to provide users with content that they are likely to enjoy as well as content a little beyond what they usually watch.

Explore recommends the same things to everyone, but the New to You feed is personalized for each user.

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