YouTube Channel Dashboards now include real-time subscriber counts

To the point:

  • Creators can now simply sit and monitor their subscriber count in real-time in the YouTube Studio dashboard.
  • Under the “Analytics” tab, there is now a real-time subscriber counter.

Youtube finally added the most-wanted feature – Real-time subscriber counter.

This information has never before been made available to channels through YouTube. To view real-time subscriber count, creators had to rely on third-party tools until today. This data is now easily accessible in YouTube Studio’s Analytics tab on the desktop. To see the data, go to the real-time card and click on “see live count” to see what’s going on with subscriber numbers at any time.

YouTube is finally providing a long-standing creator request to provide historical data on subscribers with the launch of real-time subscribers in channel analytics.

So, instead of relying on third-party services, if you’re a creator approaching a big subscriber goal, you can now rely on the official real-time YouTube subscriber counter.

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