WP Rocket Introduces New Update To Improve Core Web Vitals Metrics

Finally, WP Rocket has released its first major update of 2021.

WP Rocket 3.9 sets out to optimize WordPress sites for Google’s big page experience update in 2021, adding significant improvements to Core Web Vital metrics and the PageSpeed Insight score, and a quicker loading time.

With the new version of WP Rocket 3.9, all JavaScript files will be delayed, improving loading speed and PageSpeed Insights score.

JavaScript delays will directly affect two Core Web Vitals metrics: LCP and FID, as per Google recommendations about “Reduce Unused JavaScript”- “Eliminate render-blocking resources” and “Reduce JavaScript execution time.”

Users can also choose whether to exclude any important JavaScript files from being delayed using the exclusion list.

The new version of WP Rocket 3.9 will parse each page, remove any unnecessary CSS from each page, and only generate CSS that is needed.

In addition to reducing the size of the page and the number of stylesheets to load, the page will load faster.
This is because it addresses Google’s recommendation to “Reduce unused CSS“, improves the performance of the LCP (measures loading performance) and FID (measures interactivity) metrics as well as the PageSpeed Insight score.

Additionally, WP Rocket removed Google Analytics Tracking and Facebook Pixels from the interface. As of right now, Google recommends lazy loading third-party JS files, which they do through the DelayJS execution feature.

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