WP Engine Launches Headless CMS – Atlas

To the point:

  • WP Engine Launches Atlas.
  • It is a headless CMS for fast dynamic websites.
  • Useful for: Newsroom, News Websites & Corporate Websites.

WP Engine is a popular WordPress Managed Hosting Provider.

They recently launched a new headless CMS known as Atlas.

According to them, It is the future of headless WordPress which enhances the site’s speed and performace. For marketers who want more flexibility and control over their content, Headless WordPress offers greater flexibility, simple integrations with other apps, additional layers of security, and the ability to future-proof the CMS.

Atlas helps content publishers from missing important features that other headless CMSs lack. The front-end and back-end of Atlas works seamlessly, allowing developers and marketers to easily create, design, and publish content.

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