WordPress to Drop Support for IE11 in Upcoming 5.8 Release

WordPress Considers Dropping Support for IE 11 After Usage Falls Below 1%.

Jonathan Desrosiers, WordPress Developer wrote, “After discussing with several contributors, the decision has been made to move ahead with officially removing IE11 support in WordPress 5.8.”

Only WordPress and its built-in features will be affected by this update. Any plugin or theme you’re using that was designed with IE11 support in mind should continue to look and feel the same for your site’s visitors.

Internet Explorer 11 support will be removed in two phases .i.e, WordPress 5.8 and WordPress 5.9 & Beyond.

Maintaining WordPress code compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 adds extra work for developers in order to support an increasingly declining user base.

Rather than wasting resources supporting a limited number of users, WordPress would relieve developers of the pressure of supporting IE 11.

There would also be benefits for WordPress users and visitors to WordPress websites.

Source: IE 11 Support Phase Out Plan.

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