WordPress plans to discontinue support for IE 11 in the near future

To the point –

  • As Internet Explorer 11’s use drops below 1%, WordPress is considering dropping support for the browser.
  • WordPress will relieve developers from the stress of having to support IE 11.
  • Dropping support means better WordPress Performance,

WordPress used three metrics to calculate the number of people still using Internet Explorer 11 and discovered that its total use is less than 1%:

  • From StatCounter’s GlobalStats, 0.71 percent.
  • From  W3 Counter, 1.2 percent W3 Counter.
  • From WordPress.com, 0.46 percent.

Because of the low number of users and the high cost of maintaining the browser, WordPress intends to discontinue support for it in the future.

WordPress is asking users and organisations who still use the browser to provide input by March 18th in order to formulate their plans for dropping support.

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