WordPress no longer supports Internet Explorer

A new announcement on WordPress.org reports that the popular CMS will no longer support Internet Explorer when it releases its next version later this year.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) was released over seven years ago, and it is used by less than 1% of all internet users. Moreover, IE11 usage is steadily declining as Microsoft encourages users to switch to Chromium-based Edge instead.

Not only WordPress, but Microsoft Teams and even some Microsoft 365 apps will also stop working in IE11 as of November. In addition, WordPress 5.8 will no longer support IE11 after July, and new features will no longer be tested on the browser, making them unreliable.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend switching to Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, or another modern browser instead.

WordPress 5.8 will also eliminate the possibility of plugins being overwritten by updates of plugins with similar names from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

You are unlikely to see the change affect your theme if you don’t use the default. Themes typically have their own browser support policies, and changes to WordPress Core don’t affect those. It may be possible that your theme author may have already removed IE11 support.

Source: WordPress.org

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