WordPress Introduces Exciting New Block Editor Updates

WordPress has recently released new block editor improvements, including a new set of Portfolio block patterns, a new and enhanced way to embed a preview of Pdfs, and improved editing tools for Cover and Buttons blocks.

One-click Portfolio Designs

Block patterns are pre-designed templates that simplify the process of creating beautiful pages. WordPress has put together a curated series of portfolio trends that are ideal for showcasing your creativity.

Instant PDF Embeds

The File block allows you to add a download button to your site for documents and other media. You can now use the new block editor update to display a preview of a Pdf document. The preview will appear automatically, but you can switch it off in the block settings section.

Cover block background image

This improvement makes it easier to change the background image of the Cover block. Simply drag a new picture from your screen onto the screen, and it will replace the existing one.

Also, You can also customize the font size and line-height settings to make the buttons bigger.

Source: WordPress.com Blog.

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