WordPress has released some exciting updates to its Block Editor

The WordPress.com block editor has undergone another exciting set of updates. The new update for picking table colors, powerful duotone image editing, and persistent list view will allow you to build and improve the look of your site.

Editor navigation via persistent List View: The List View, which gives you an overview of your entire page or post, is now available through the top menu bar. Basically, it’s a Table of Contents of every block being used at the moment. Updated navigation and editing of nested blocks will greatly enhance complex content navigation and editing.

A list view also displays anchors added to blocks so that they are easily identifiable.

Table colors: You can now easily change the color of your table’s background and text within the Table block to create a more consistent feel across your site.

Built-in duotone image filter: With a Duotone effect, you can choose between any two colors for an image’s highlights and shadows.

A catchy color combination for a big post will catch your audience’s eye and help you establish a consistent tone throughout the images on your website.

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