WordPress declined 83% of all DMCA Takedown Notices

Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, reveals that the volume of DMCA takedown notices it issued jumped by more than 50% last year. Also, about 83 percent of all notices were declined, mostly as a result of incorrect automatic takedown processes.

Automattic released its latest transparency report this week, revealing that it received 18,594 DMCA takedown notices in 2020. This reflects a more than 50% rise over the last year.

Automattic rejected 83 percent of all DMCA notices last year. All DMCA notices are checked by humans, who find several mistakes. As a result, there is a relatively high rate of rejection.

When compared to other web services, this rejection rate clearly stands out. For instance, Reddit rejected 27% of all takedown applications last year, while Google rejected nearly 10%.

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