WordPress 5.8 now Supports New Emoji in Twemoji 13.1.0

WordPress 5.8 is adding support for the latest Unicode emoji specification with Twemoji, the emoji library offered by Twitter. 

There are five new smileys in version 13.1.0, namely heart on fire, heart mending, spiral eyes face, face in clouds, and face exhaling.

The “Kiss” and “Couple with Heart” emojis support mixed skin tones in version 13.1 as well. Furthermore, you can include a bearded man or a bearded woman with all skin tones. Additionally, the new version of Twemoji (13.0.2) includes significant updates to the syringe emoji.

Emojis are continually tweaked and updated so that they are accurate and serve conversations better, especially since people want to visually represent specific objects and emotions.

Despite the fact that many of these updates and additions appear to be pandemic-inspired, there actually is a lengthy, formal process for proposing Unicode Consortium changes. 

Twemoji will jump from v13.0.1 to v13.1.0 in WordPress 5.8. The next major upgrade, Unicode 14.0, is scheduled for release in late 2021. According to the draft list on Emojipedia, the next version, if approved, would be put on major platforms by the end of 2022.

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