WordPress 5.8 Introduces a New Widget Area and Graphic Format

WordPress, which will release version 5.8 this month, will support WebP graphic formats.

Since 2010, Google has developed this technology, which produces much smaller files than JPEG or PNG with the same quality. Having mastered both lossless and lossy compression, WebP is great for illustrations and graphics.

As part of the move to a full-service publishing solution, Gutenberg will also include some design blocks that will also support the transition.

Blocks of this type are usually used in template creation. In addition to archive titles, post categories and keywords, page titles, logos, and subtitles, the site’s header will also be enhanced.

This also fits the duotone effect, which should also be integrated into Gutenberg from WordPress 5.8. Through the use of CSS and SVG, color effects can be applied to images and videos without changing the underlying image

From the next release onwards, the new editor will also manage widgets as well. As a result, users can use the full range of block editor functions. Using design blocks in widgets results in a more diverse set of options.

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