WhatsApp will limit features for accounts For Not Accepting Privacy Policy

The deadline for accepting WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has been extended until May 15.

WhatsApp said on Friday that it would not deactivate accounts of users who refuse to accept its revised privacy policy, which goes into effect on May 15, and that it will continue to notify them to do so.

“WhatsApp won’t delete your account if you don’t accept the update.”, WhatsApp said in a blog post.

Users who refuse to accept the new policy will have their account functionality restricted, according to a WhatsApp spokesperson. These WhatsApp users will be unable to view their chat history, but they will be able to receive and answer voice and video calls.

These users will also be able to return a missed voice or video call via WhatsApp. Notifications will continue to be sent, and users will be able to read and answer to them.

WhatsApp seems to want to give users some time to think about accepting a new privacy policy. Due to user backlash, WhatsApp has already postponed the initial deadline from February 8 to May 15.

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