What’s new in version 10.3 of Gutenberg

Gutenberg 10.3 – This update includes several significant changes to Global Styles and some improvements to blocks like the Navigation block, inserter enhancements, editor performance improvements, and even a few new blocks!

Many bug fixes are also included.

Héctor Prieto, Employer at Automattic wrote, “In order to provide a consistent UI across blocks, blocks have seen their toolbars rearranged following a standard grouping layout. While the last release saw the Image block have its toolbar standardized, this time a whole set of blocks have been normalized as well, including blocks such as Button, Buttons, List, Heading, Paragraph, Quote, Audio, File, Media and Text, Video, Site Logo, Cover, and Post Featured Image blocks.”

The Navigation block and Navigation editor experience have been improved in Gutenberg 10.3, with the addition of a list view in the Navigation editor, an in-between inserter, and a better flow for creating nested menus.

This release also includes enhancements to block inserting, such as better keyboard navigation and usability for the Block Inserter, as well as a new “theme” category for template sections and their variations. Furthermore, when searching for blocks, the slash inserter now allows you to type multiple words. Each of these changes makes it easier to locate and use the blocks you like.

Because of the increasing number of patterns available in the Inserter, the time it took for the editor to load has increased slightly in recent updates. Gutenberg 10.3 fixed this, allowing the editor to run smoothly regardless of the number of patterns available!

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