WebP Images will be supported by WordPress to Improve Website Performance

WordPress version 5.8 onward lets you upload and use WebP images similar to how you would today with JPEG or PNG images, provided that your hosting service supports WebP.

The WebP format will improve the performance of your site and the user experience on your site.

Most websites can use WebP right away since it is supported by all major browsers. An image file is composed of VP8 or VP8L image data and RIFF-based container.

Google introduced webP compression in 2010 as an open-source image format that uses predictive coding to encrypt images, a similar technique to that used in the VP8 video codec to compress keyframes.

In WebP compression, the already seen fragments of an image are used to precisely reconstruct one image pixel from another. If no match is found for the global palette, a local palette can be used instead.

The process for uploading and using WebP images on WordPress is the same as it is for any other image format.

It is the hope of the WordPress media team that WordPress can automatically convert images when uploaded. As a default, it will use WebP for images of sub-sized.

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