Twitter’s ‘Clubhouse’-like audio chat rooms feature, will soon be rolled out in desktop browsers

Twitter has been working hard to bring its ‘Spaces‘ feature, which is similar to Clubhouse audio chat rooms, to iOS and Android users, and Twitter is working on a browser-based version.

The news was reported by the company to The Verge. After seeing a tweet from app researcher Jane Manchun Wong that shows what ‘Spaces’ preview cards could look like when viewed on the site, the outlet asked the social media giant about ‘Spaces’ on the desktop.

And the company hasn’t kept the feature’s development a secret either. A Twitter ‘Spaces’ developer posted some designs of how a ‘Space’s’ intro screen could appear on the web – last Friday.

Spaces‘ is currently only available on smartphones, so bringing it to the web will be a major step forward for the company. Twitter will get closer to competing with ‘Clubhouse,’ which is still only available on iOS, thanks to the company’s wider scope (an Android version is on the way). It will also put Twitter closer to ‘Discord,’ which launched its social audio rooms feature, ‘Stage Channels,’ on all platforms where ‘Discord’ is available on Thursday.

LinkedIn, Mark Cuban, Slack, and Spotify are all working on ‘Clubhouse’-like live audio features, according to The Verge, while Facebook has one in the process.

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