Twitter Discontinues Fleets 9 Months after its launch

Twitter has announced it will discontinue the ‘Fleets’ feature, which has been in operation for less than nine months.

With effect from August 3, Twitter will no longer feature Fleets.

‘Fleets’ was introduced as a way for Twitter to encourage more people to “join the conversation.” This means that the company wished to increase both its new user base and its existing users’ activity.

CEO Jack Dorsey said fleets was not built as an internal storage product within Twitter. Instead, it was built as a way to help users who do not want to tweet for too long.

As most Fleets included photos and videos, Twitter has finally gotten the message that media sharing is popular.

In the near future, Twitter will test new features for its tweet composer that allow users to share media. For the first time, Twitter tested full-screen ads in a vertical format using Fleets. As a result, the company can develop future advertising products based on what they learn.

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