Testing of Fleet ads is now underway on Twitter

Twitter has announced Tuesday it has begun testing Fleet ads, which would be the first full-screen vertical ads on the platform. Ads in the fleet can be both videos (up to 30 seconds long) and images, and have a swiping call-to-action.

In addition, Twitter will offer brands the option to add a “swipe up” call-to-action and provide access to standard Twitter ad metrics, such as impressions, profile visits, clicks, and web visits. At the moment, Fleet ads will appear to a limited number of US users on iOS and Android.

In the same way as Instagram Stories ads, Fleet ads will appear between Fleets created by other users or brands. Please keep in mind that each Fleet you upload remains active for only 24 hours. Fleets appear right below the icon on Twitter, like on Instagram.

Ads on Twitter may offer some advantages over TikTok and Instagram. Fleet ads may be useful for advertisers because these platforms tend to appeal to a wide array of demographics that they would have trouble reaching using other social media platforms.

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