sKarn Robotics launched India’s first private Search Engine

To the point:

  • sKarn Robotics introduced their first private search engine – Wecript.
  • It is a private search engine that helps you to search without compromising your privacy.

sKarn RoboticS product Wecript search engine aims to tackle the threat posed to the privacy of people and provides accurate results to stop the spreading of fake information.

It can be the rival of popular tech giants – like Google and DuckDuckGo in the near future.

Skarn Robotics currently abides by all of the government-assigned rules relating to consumer privacy rights. Furthermore, the customer is entitled to full information, whether it is about the browser language or whether they want to restrict/disagree to share information.

Wecript browser will allow you to search for something just like a regular browser, except you won’t have to worry about sharing your personal information. With different tools such as a photo editor and a collage maker, Wecript photo editor can also help you edit and enhance your photos.

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