Sites built with signed exchanges will be pre-fetched by Google

At Google I/O in May, Google Product Manager, Jeffery Jose, announced not only that page experience update was coming to desktop, but also that Sites built with signed exchanges will be pre-fetched by Google. It is expected that the new page experience update will begin in mid-June 2021.

Signed exchanges (SXG) ensure that Google can prefetch your content while retaining the privacy of the user. As a result, when AMP or non-AMP results are shown on Google Search, a few key resources may be prefetched in a privacy-preserving manner from an associated website (such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, or fonts).

By prefetching and storing the pages on the user’s browser, they are ready to be loaded as soon as the user clicks on the result, making loading near-instantaneous. In addition, Google maintains a network of fast cache servers spread around the globe, which you now have access to without additional cost.

After offering publishers this as an option in 2019, Google added signed exchange issues to Search Console recently.

It’s worth noting that Google had a Chrome-based prefetch mechanism in 2011.

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