ShortPixel Introduces A New Android App For Image Optimization

ShortPixel launched a brand new Android app at the beginning of this year!
The newly developed app does what they do best: it optimizes the photos on your phone using ShortPixel’s algorithms so that they take up less storage space.

Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless compression algorithms are also available, allowing you to choose the image quality you want. Each picture costs one credit, and ShortPixel’s free account includes 100 credits per month.

ShortPixel, ShortPixel photo optimizer

After the app optimizes the images, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the amount of space your photos take up on your phone or on your preferred online service.

Here’s a list of the features included in the app:

  • Optimize images using 3 different quality methods
  • Can work on WiFi only or with mobile data as well
  • You can choose to keep a backup of the original image
  • Remove EXIF data
  • Resize the images to the desired size
  • You can visually compare the results
  • See how much space you saved
  • Bulk optimize or optimize one by one

You can download the ShortPixel Photo Optimizer app from here.

ShortPixel is also running a special offer in the AppSumo Marketplace – to optimize an unlimited amount of photos at $4.99 Only!

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