ShortPixel Introduces New Billing System For CDN

ShortPixel recently introduces their new billing system for ShortPixel CDN.

What is changing? ShortPixel used to charge 1 credit for each image size optimised by the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin until February 28th, 2021. This could result in a lot of credits being used on small sites with little traffic and a lot of photos.

After March 1st, 2021 They will charge 1 credit for every 5 MB of CDN traffic consumed, which means up to 50 images of 100 KB each. This update only affects ShortPixel CDN users, such as Autoptimize and ShortPixel Adaptive Images.

Every image optimization credit equates to 5MB of CDN traffic, enough to serve 50+ optimised images on average. Customers will pay less for more as a result of this! For example, the Free Plan can serve 500MB per month, which is enough for 500 visits per month on average.

Consider the following two scenarios:

1. A small website with a few pages and around 100 pictures that receives 300 visits each month.

Their free plan (100 image optimization credits/month) would have been insufficient up until now, as the 300 visitors would have generated between 2,000 and 3,000 different image sizes each month. And this would have met the monthly limit of 100 free credits.

The 300 visitors will most likely generate less than 300 MB of CDN traffic per month with the new accounting system, and they will not surpass the free monthly CDN traffic cap of 500 MB.

2. A medium-sized website with over 5000 photos that receives 10,000 monthly visits. ShortPixel Adaptive Images currently costs about $19.99 a month and enables customers to serve optimised images.

Starting on March 1st, a $4.99 plan will allow 25 GB of CDN traffic, which translates to around 25,000 visits per month.

If you want to use a CDN other than ShortPixel’s, the credits will continue to be charged (1 credit per image optimized).

ShortPixel also switched to BunnyCDN as their CDN provider to increase global coverage and overall speed. They now have at least two PoPs on each continent!

Source: ShortPixel Knowledge Base

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