Rank Math Launches Their Affiliate Program For Marketers

  • Rank Math, SEO Plugin For WordPress, Announces their new affiliate program.
  • For every referral, they offer 30% of the sale.
  • The minimum Threshold is $200.

Rank Math is a popular SEO plugin for WordPress which is recommended by top SEOs in the industry.

They’ve recently launched their affiliate program to share their earning with their users. According to Rank Math, You don’t need to be a Rank Math Pro user, You can even join their affiliate program without any website.


  • You will earn 30% of every referral.
  • 60-days cookie lifetime.
  • First-Click Attribution  (if you sent a visitor to their website, you will earn the commission regardless of the last referral link used by the buyer to complete the purchase)

As a result of our 30-day refund policy – following that grace period, You’ll get the payout within 30 days. Also, The minimum threshold is $200.

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