Now Users can Publish and Update WordPress Posts Directly From Ulysses

If you’ve used Ulysses for Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you already know that Apple Design Award-winning writing app provides a focused and enjoyable writing experience. You might also be aware that Ulysses will easily post to WordPress with a few clicks or taps. If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest update improves the already-smooth WordPress-Ulysses integration.

Ulysses offers a distraction-free Markdown editor that is flexible to suit the style of someone who is unfamiliar with the writing method. Its powerful features help in the organizing and efficiency of your writing tasks. When you’re happy with the content you’ve created, Ulysses will export it in a variety of formats. Most importantly, publishing your work directly on your or self-hosted WordPress account is easy.

You’ll need to connect Ulysses to your WordPress account first. You can easily enter your user name and password if you are a user. WordPress users who self-host their sites must also provide the site’s URL. Ulysses can sync with your other devices once the connection is established. You can now use the app’s export feature to turn any text you write in Ulysses into WordPress blog posts.

You can also change the slug of your post and pick whether to publish it right now, schedule it for later, or save it as a draft. You can also update previously published articles directly within the app with the new Ulysses version, making your writing workflow much more convenient.

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