Pinterest Expands Shopify Integration Globally

Pinterest is getting ready to expand its Shopify integration to the rest of the world. It allows 1.7 million retailers to make their products into shoppable pins directly from their e-commerce store. Merchants can upload their products or product listings to the Pinterest app for Shopify stores. Then you can convert those products into pins.

Without leaving Pinterest, users can purchase the featured items in a merchant’s pins. The app is currently preparing to expand to another 27 countries. Shopify provided support for multiple products feeds to achieve this goal. It also promotes the ability to sell goods through active retargeting marketing.

Shopify merchants can simply integrate their products to Pinterest and meet the platform’s 459 million users, all thanks to the Pinterest/Shopify integration.

Dynamic retargeting ads are now accessible for Pinterest Shopify merchants. It enabled Pinterest marketers to re-engage with users for the first time. Merchants will retarget users who have previously shopped or showed interest in similar or exact items.

The Shopify integration by Pinterest aims to reach countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, and others. Shopify merchants in the targeted countries may also use Pinterest to upload multiple item/product feeds. It used to only have one product feed. It currently allows you to upload up to 20 product feeds. Local data such as language, product availability, and currency may also be used by merchants.

Shopify provides a free app that merchants can install and use on their website. And they can share their product catalog on Pinterest. These benefit merchants by allowing them to publish shoppable product pins. However, the first time an object catalog is synced, it can take up to 48 hours. However, it is automatically updated every day after that.

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