Pawtocol is announcing its Privacy-Friendly Search Engine

To the point:

  • Pawtocol has launched, a completely functional, privacy-friendly search engine.
  • Named as
  • A portion of the money that is generated from the search engine will be donated to rescue animals around the world.

Pawtocol, the world’s most innovative and advanced pet community, has launched, a privacy-friendly, completely functional search engine. The browser has a full privacy button that prevents users from being targeted to and only allows advertisers who match a users query.

A part of all search proceeds is donated to help animals by Dogi. However, if you want to donate, 100% of the money will go to charities that support animals in need. Hey Dogi makes use of The UPI (Universal Pet Incone) Token of Pawtocol. UPI can be traded for other crypto and fiat currencies or used to purchase pet-related products and services.

Users can also customize the search engine – Change the colours, spacing, and background picture of your Search Guru. You have control of what you see and don’t see, like search results, and you can also pick which pages to prioritise.

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