Pattern Directory is expected to Launch with WordPress 5.8

The new Query, Site Logo, and Navigation blocks, template-editing mode, and block-based widgets screen and customizer integration are all expected in WordPress 5.8 in July 2021.

Pattern Directory: The project is moving along well, and contributors hope to get the latest directory up and running in time for the rollout of WordPress 5.8. Pattern browsing and finding, live preview of patterns, and the option to copy the block code are all intended for the first version.

Contributors aim to add support for forking and iterating on patterns, expanding the available media for pattern formation, and adding a pattern browsing UI to the editor until the directory is introduced. Pre-made patterns will be a useful complement to the first round of entire editing capabilities introduced to the core in the next version, which will improve the simple page-building experience.

Users with a account would be able to create and upload trends to the directory using a selected collection of images and media. Patterns will be available for download straight from the block editor.

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