Pantheon Announces New Collaboration with Google Cloud

Pantheon, the website operations (WebOps) platform for developers and marketers, reported yesterday that it is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, offering marketing leaders a simple way to move their legacy web campaigns to a new WebOps platform. The Pantheon WebOps Platform, which is available as a SaaS offering on Google Cloud, simplifies purchase and deployment while providing all of the powerful resources needed for a distributed development team.

Pantheon was a leader in the development of an open web WebOps platform, allowing companies to easily scale their digital activities and empower websites to be agile tools for rapidly evolving digital marketing and customer engagement. Globally distributed Google Cloud points of presence and a constant focus on platform app success provide an outstanding website visitor experience, regardless of where a site’s visitors are geographically located.

The Pantheon WebOps Platform allows you to monitor, federate, and protect all of your WordPress and Drupal sites from a single dashboard. Built-in tools track site performance and prevent downtime in production environments, all while enabling web teams to collaborate in real-time in agile development environments. Pantheon unites front- and back-end developers on a common platform to facilitate developer collaboration.

Users can now easily deploy a WebOps platform that runs on Google Cloud thanks to the Pantheon software, which is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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