New Reporting Features in Google Analytics 4 Announced

The new features and improvements coming to Google Analytics 4 were announced today by Google.

New reporting in Google Analytics 4 allows for a more in-depth analysis of valuable data. Marketers can utilize these features to connect the dots left by users who choose not to be tracked, allowing marketers to obtain the most relevant data more easily while keeping in mind that the types of data vary by business.

A new left-hand navigation menu will be available in Google Analytics 4. The different sections are referred to as “Workspaces,” and each one is designed to support a specific use case.

Also announced by Google, users with administrative access can customize the Analytics interface. Therefore, People can configure the appearance of their reports by expanding a panel on the left which will expand key dimensions and metrics.

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This change will make it easier for users to find the insights they’re looking for. In the same way, you can create custom overviews and group reports into collections.

A data-driven attribution feature will soon be available for all properties that use Google Analytics 4.

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