New Google Ranking Factor coming in May 2021

To the point:

  • Google has confirmed that core web vitals will be included in its search ranking (ranking signals.)
  • In May 2021, as part of an update that also combines existing UX-related signals.
  • Since many of the Page Experience signals are already factored into Google’s search algorithms, many SEOs assume it will be minor.

Starting in May 2021, Google has announced that core web vitals will be included in their search ranking. This update combines existing UX-related signals including mobile-friendliness, secure browsing, HTTPS protection, and intrusive interstitial guidelines to become an important Google ranking signal.

According to a recent case study by Web Vitals, a Google project, increasing the page load time from 1 to 3 seconds increases the bounce rate by 32%. As the page load time increases from 1 second to 6 seconds, the bounce rate rises by 106 per cent.


Your page’s performance and how it affects web visitors are the MAIN focus of Core Web Vitals. Visitors would obviously close the website with a poor page experience. For instance, if a page takes a long time to load, it will have a significant impact on bounce rates, signalling to Google that your page is not user-friendly.

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