Mueller confirms updating time and date is Not Enough for SEO

During the Google Search Central SEO hangout on April 1, Google’s John Mueller discusses search ranking questions. Mueller argues that simply modifying the publishing dates on various web pages is insufficient. He advises that there will be no signs of improved search rankings until content improvements are made.

Mueller was asked by a website owner if he could update the dates on the website’s photo galleries whenever a minor change is made. It also inquires as to whether updating the publication dates can improve Google search results. Muller, this recommendation will be useless since Google’s search engine algorithm isn’t set up that way.

Mueller also advises against changing the time and date on web pages too often. Since search engines do not rate pages based on frequent changes in time and date. Rather, if you make such minor improvements, it can become useful or worthwhile. If you make any major changes to the material, for example, you should most likely update the date.

Mueller previously issued the same advice to website owners, advising them to stop “artificially” freshening posts by adding a new date. He clarified the concept behind Google’s search engine algorithm, as well as how Google displays the date for pages that are frequently updated.

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