Morningscore Review – Is it the Best All-in-one SEO Tool?

Morningscore has been one of the top tools on the market for researching competitor SEO campaigns.

Those in the SEO industry for long enough surely have heard of Morningscore.

In order to increase online traffic, you should capture as much information regarding your own site keywords as possible as well as your competitors’ keywords. It’s here that a tool like Morningscore comes in handy. 

Today, We’ll take a look at what Morningscore has to offer, and whether it’s worth the price you pay for it.

What is Morningscore and What Exactly It Does?

Morningscore is a new, affordable alternative to SEMrush. Its features include keyword research, backlink analysis, SEO audits, and a lot more. It is very easy to find highly profitable keywords for different niches using this tool.

Regardless of your level of expertise, you can focus on the improvements that matter most.

You can also spy on your competition using Morningscore. Besides getting current traffic statistics, it also evaluates the top keywords and backlinks of your competitors.

Here is an opportunity for you to try out Morningscore for free for 14 days! That’s how, You can explore all its awesome features one by one.

Morningscore Features

Let’s take a look at the most comprehensive Morningscore features to see what they do and how it helps you learn about your competitors and find new ways to drive traffic to your website

Keyword Rank Tracker

Morningscore’s rank tracker allows you to track keywords and see your rankings on Google, the number of site visitors, and other insights. You will be able to manage your SEO efforts even better if you know the keywords you rank for and the keywords your competitors rank for.

Each day, Morningscore updates their keyword rank tracking databases, which allows you to see your exact keyword ranking positions.

You can even compare the top-performing keywords of your competitors using Morningscore. Have a look:

Morningscore Keyword Rank Tracker, Morningscore Discount, Morningscore Pricing, Morningscore Review

Website Health Analysis

Do you want to perform a full SEO audit on your website? It’s important to conduct a thorough SEO audit of your site to identify any and all SEO loopholes you may not be aware of.

Morningscore Website Health Analysis, Morningscore Review, Morningscore Discount

Morningscore’s health tool gives you a simple insight into the current performance and health of your website. Using this tool, you will be able to know exactly what to fix and how to fix it on Google’s SEO guidelines. Also, Health score estimates how much a particular issue impacts your overall Health Score so you can prioritize your SEO efforts accordingly.

Morningscore will handle everything for you once you enter the domain details. Each detail of your website can be reviewed, including a list of the top issues, errors, and warnings that are causing problems for it.

Research New Keywords

Having a difficult time finding the best keywords to boost your overall website traffic? No worries, Morningscore can help you discover the most profitable keywords in any niche.

Morningscore Keyword Research Tool, Morningscore Coupon Code

Morningscore will bring up the most accurate data about any keyword you enter related to your blog’s topic. If you have all this information, you can conclude whether the keywords you enter are a perfect match for your website.

Among the new features in their Keyword Research Tool is the Keyword Difficulty algorithm, which not only shows how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword, but also how much ROI it could bring you

Backlink Checker

Backlinking is the foundation of any site that would like to obtain more organic traffic. In order to grow your traffic on your new blog, tap more backlink opportunities. Meanwhile, Morningscore is a powerful SEO tool that analyzes the links of any website you enter. By analyzing the results, you can determine which link building strategies work best.

Morningscore lets you see all of your backlinks. Moreover, you can access all the backlinks of your competitors – including the best ones. As the tool will track your links automatically and continuously, you will never have to do anything to get that information.

Morningscore Backlink Checker, Morningscore SEO tool

Linkscore from Morningscore gives you insights into your competitive environment. You can determine your ranking position quickly by measuring how authoritative your niche is and whether you need to build more backlinks or focus on other aspects of SEO to achieve it.

Morningscore Pricing

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Morningscore offers 3 pricing options:

  1. LITE starts at $56 per month.
  2. BUSINESS starts at $95 per month.
  3. PRO starts at $174 per month.
Morningscore Pricing, Morningscore Review

Morningscore Lite Features:

  • 100 Keywords
  • 5 Websites
  • 1 User
  • Daily SEO Value
  • Daily Link Analysis

Morningscore Business Features:

  • 500 Keywords
  • 25 Websites
  • 3 User
  • Daily SEO Value
  • Daily Link Analysis

Morningscore Pro Features:

  • 1000 Keywords
  • 75 Websites
  • 10 User
  • Daily SEO Value
  • Daily Link Analysis

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How to get Morningscore Free Trial for 14 Days?

Follow these steps to get a Free trial of Morningscore account for 14 days:

Step 1: Click here to grab your 14 days free Morningscore account for free.

Step 2: Click on ‘Sign Up‘ button and Enter your Website URL.

Morningscore Free Trial

Step 3: Next, Enter your email address and Confirm it (You’ll get the password in your inbox)

Morningscore Free account, Morningscore Review

Step 4: Wooho! Your 14-days free trial is activated!

You are now ready to use Morningscore features for the next 14 days.

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Final Words About Morningscore Review

Morningscore is a powerful SEO tool that gives you the information you need for a successful SEO campaign. Nevertheless, Morningscore is a very good solution that provides you with all the important information you’ll need to rank higher on Search Engines.

You can grab the 14-days free trial to use Morningscore and explore all its features.

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