MonsterInsights Review – Is it the Best WordPress Analytics Plugin?

Are you looking for an advanced yet simple WordPress Analytics plugin to monitor real-time reports, user behavior, and most importantly – your SEO Ranking Reports? 🔍

Hop on MonsterInsights.

In this MonsterInsights review, we’ll go over all of the features of the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin and how it can help you find out the best way to grow your online business.

Let’s dive in!

What is MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a top-rated and widely used Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. The plugin has over 3 million active installs and over 34 million downloads, ranking it as the 13th most popular WordPress plugin.

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It enables you to quickly integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress website without the need for a developer or the writing of a single line of code. Using the MonsterInsights Plugin, you will get systematically well-customized information that is very simple to understand, allowing you to take more appropriate action to improve the efficiency of your site.

Although there are a number of Google Analytics plugins available, Monsterinsights is the best option when it comes to ease of use, security, and reliability.

MonsterInsights Features

1. Quick and Easy Setup 

Monsterinsights makes it easy to set up Google Analytics in your WordPress website even if you’re a beginner. Anyone can add analytics monitoring to their website using its setup wizard without having to edit code or hire a developer.

Simply download and activate the Monsterinsights plugin, then connect your Google Analytics account. Done!

2. User-Friendly Dashboard

The Monsterinsights plugin has a user-friendly dashboard. It imports all of your Google Analytics data into your WordPress dashboard and organizes it in an organized and customizable manner. This reporting system offers the best user experience and assists you in making the best decision possible at the right time.

You can view Google Analytics reports without leaving your website using its dashboard reports.

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3. Analytics and Tracking

MonsterInsights has over 20 advanced monitoring features that will help you create a solid content plan that will help your business grow.

The best part is that with only a few clicks, you can see all of your tracking data inside your WordPress dashboard.

It makes Google Analytics monitoring for Google AMP simple to set up and helps in proper attribution when visitors turn between AMP and non-AMP parts of your website. Also, Its real-time report provides real-time data of active users on a website. The report is also available in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Another advantage of using MonsterInsights is that it allows you to focus on your most popular content. It removes the guesswork and helps in the identification of high-traffic landing pages.

You can optimize the content for higher conversions by determining what types of content people want.

4. Easy Integration

MonsterInsights integrates easily with the most popular WordPress tools, allowing you to control and track data in order to develop a powerful future business growth plan. Like, Yoast SEO plugin, WooCommerce, AMP, Adsense, Gravity Forms, and more!

You can easily integrate your favourite tools and track the data from your WordPress tools.

5. Top-Notch Support

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any service that you can not overlook under any scenario. And if you have any technical or product-related issues, you can contact the customer support team.

MonsterInsights provides top-notch and friendly email support. If you have any issue with Monsterinsights, you should submit a ticket to resolve it. Also, Monsterinsights has a lot of documents and posts to answer all of your common queries.


MonsterInsights offers a free version (MonsterInsights Lite Plugin) that can be downloaded and activated from the WordPress respiratory. MonsterInsights Free is a basic version of MonsterInsights that includes a one-click Google Analytics setup in WordPress.

MonsterInsights Pro, on the other hand, comes with several incredible features that significantly improve your website analysis process.

MonsterInsights Pro offers 3 types of plan:

MonsterInsights Review, MonsterInsights Pricing

Agency – This plan costs $399.50 a year. This plan comes with 25 Site Licenses, is ideal for digital marketing agencies, SEO, and web development businesses.

Pro (Recommended) – This is MonsterInsights’ second plan, which costs $199.50 a year. This package includes a five-site license and is ideal for eCommerce and small businesses.

Plus – This is the entry-level plan, which costs $99.50 a year and is ideal for beginners managing a single WordPress website.

Final Words

MonsterInsights easy to use and has a lot of features that will help you learn more about your targeted audience. This plugin is a perfect fir for you if you are serious about your website and want to speed up your analytics process.

Furthermore, its reports are clean, easy, and user-friendly, allowing you to quickly find data for making the best decisions for your business. Aside from that, you can dig deeper into analytics reports with a few clicks and create a solid plan to rank higher on Search Engines.

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