Microsoft Edge now prompts you to switch to Bing as your preferred Search Engine

You probably know that Microsoft’s Edge browser uses Bing as its default search engine. It’s not surprising at all. What’s even more interesting is that the browser will actually try to convince you to switch back with the latest update.

A dialog box asks users to change the settings to Microsoft’s “recommended browser settings”, which often default to using Bing for searches after an update. The users, however, will keep getting prompted to update their browser settings regardless of whether they said they didn’t want to.

The problem can’t be done intentionally since if this were the case, many users would be upset, and it could look as if this change was forcing them to accept the change. Reddit users have shared a workaround for disabling the prompt through flags. You can use this method to disable the popup until Microsoft releases a more permanent solution or has found a more permanent workaround for Edge users.

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