Microsoft Edge now includes a Reverse Image Search feature

Microsoft Edge is trying to get a new browsing experience that includes a sidebar that allows users to perform a reverse image search.

A Reddit user shared the images, Microsoft Edge users would be able to perform reverse image searches in a side panel without leaving the tab with the sidebar search. It’s similar to the “Search in sidebar” feature that was added to Edge stable in January of this year and allows users to search the web for info.

Edge Insiders will have to right-click on an image and then click the “Search Bing in sidebar for image” option from the context menu to try out this functionality. Web results and a list of relevant information will appear in a side panel on the right side of the page as soon as you perform a search. The function also extracts text files from the image and gives you the option to copy them.

Microsoft Edge now includes a Reverse Image Search feature for few Insiders

At the time of writing, the reverse image search feature was only available in the most recent Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev versions. The feature isn’t available to all yet, so it appears to be a controlled release. Before being made widely available in the production version of the web browser, this search experience would have to go through many Edge Insider channels.

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