Microsoft Advertising adds more automation with auto-apply ad suggestions

Microsoft Advertising users may see ad suggestions with auto-apply on their Recommendations page starting from this month, according to the company.

Ad suggestions are multiple variations of your current ads based on keywords, landing pages, targeting, ad extensions, and other relevant content. When Microsoft Advertisement detects an ad category that might benefit from higher-quality ads, it will generate ad suggestions. This also means that the majority of ad groups may never get ad recommendations.

Advertisers should be mindful that if no action is taken, ad suggestions marked as auto-apply will begin serving after 14 days. Ad suggestions will be created as long as Microsoft Advertising’s systems detect that the efficiency of your ad group can be improved. At any given time, advertisers will receive a limit of 50 ad suggestions per account.

Advertisers can double-check that the toggle for auto-apply ad suggestions is set to the desired value. Advertisers can use ad suggestions to save time when creating ads or as a starting point for further customising them to their target audiences.

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