LoginID Introduces Free WordPress Plugin for Passwordless Authentication

LoginID has recently launched a free WordPress plugin for passwordless authentication solution. The plugin is free to download and install, and it allows WordPress-powered websites to implement strong passwordless authentication in just five clicks.

Additionally, the solution supports WordPress websites in complying with new and current compliance regulations like PSD2 and GDPR. WordPress site creators can add the FIDO-certified passwordless login option to their websites to improve user experience by improving usability and reducing friction. The term FIDO stands for “Fast ID Online.

LoginID Passwordless Authentication

According to the press release, the plugin makes it easier for WordPress-powered websites to validate their users with a regulatory-compliant biometric login that uses public-key cryptography to ensure a safe login.

“Unlike other popular single-sign-on solutions, user information cannot be used for tracking purposes, ensuring a private experience on websites that integrate the LoginID WordPress Plugin,” said Simon Law, CEO of Login ID.

You can also make the registration page match the look and feel of your website. You’ll be able to paste LoginID registration and login shortcodes into each of your UX journeys for your end-users, depending on your needs.

According to LoginID, With this new plugin, you can eliminate the need for your users to enter a password when they log in to your website and Reduce your user abandonment rates by making transactions as seamless as possible.

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