Keyword Hero Review – Is it Better than Google Analytics?

When it comes to your website, you need more than just basic information about organic keywords and traffic monitoring.

Here Keyword Hero comes into the game!

What is Keyword Hero?

Keyword Hero is a tool that not only tracks your traffic but also displays the organic search terms that led visitors to your website. The tool will also help you in tracking SERP positions and monitoring branded search traffic.

It displays the actual organic keywords within Google Analytics, all in the expected order.

It is rated as Excellent on AppSumo! 🌟 (4.49 Tacos Out Of 5!)

Keyword Hero Review, Keyword Hero Reviews, Keyword Hero Pricing, Keyword Hero Features


1. Easy Setup

It hardly takes about two minutes to set up. Simply grant them access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts through the online tool they provide. That’s all it is.

2. Complete Data analysis

This feature is considered as the Brain of Keyword Hero. It compares the keywords to the analytic terms that refer to them. It looks for the keyword that was used to find your website on a search engine. After that, it searches for additional indications. Approximately 90% of the keywords are unnecessary. It highlights the words “not provided.”

In the vast majority of cases, it leads to absolute certainty. Inquiries are compared to their respective dimensions in Google analytics, and keywords are saved in your analytics account for future use.

3. Detailed Performance Metrics

Keyword Hero Review, Keyword Hero Reviews, Keyword Hero Pricing, Keyword Hero Features

Keyword Hero is ideal for those who are still working on perfecting their SEO strategy as well as those who want to improve it even further. For an improvement in your search rankings and to inform content strategy in future initiatives, you can get as detailed as you like.

You will also see where your keywords rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), giving you useful insight into how well your content is performing.

4. Data uploading

It makes use of nine different sources of data. Using Google API access, this includes Google Analytics and Search Console results. This helps in the efficient analysis of the differences in organic traffic distribution.

5. Data Gathering

It uploads the data after thoroughly analyzing it and creating new keywords. This allows you to browse and analyze your new data without disrupting your existing data. The keywords assist you in optimizing your landing pages, which are likely to generate traffic and other beneficial conversions.

By providing keyword referral data, you can enhance your original content by adding terms that are important to the text. Instead of being optional, all of those keywords represent what the content is really about.

Keyword Hero Pricing

Keyword Hero offers a simple and cost-effective Lifetime Deal (on AppSumo):

Single Plan:

  • One Time Purchase of $49.00
  • All Features Included
  • Unlimited URLs
  • 50,000 organic sessions/month
  • 1 project

Double Plan:

  • One Time Purchase of $98.00
  • All Features Included
  • Unlimited URLs
  • 249,000 organic sessions/month
  • 1 project
Keyword Hero Pricing, Keyword Hero Features


Keyword Hero provides detailed information on your organic keywords, including conversion rates, bounce rates, and device performance.

It is also beginner-friendly and takes 2-minutes to set up! Get lifetime access to Keyword Hero today!

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