How To Preload Fonts in WordPress? Complete Guide

Almost every site owner uses Custom fonts to create an attractive website but sometimes It causes your visitors’ perceived page load times to increase, resulting in a poor user experience.

Many developers neglect these problems or make the same mistakes over and over. We’ll focus on one aspect of preloading in this article: How To Preload Fonts in WordPress?

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What is Font Preloading?

You can use preload to force browsers to load fonts, early on. This provides greater control over how your website loads, which, allows you to increase the performance of your WordPress site. Font requests will be delayed until after the render tree has been created by default on your website.

You can force a visitor’s browser to load essential fonts early with font preloading so that the browser can start showing the text to the visitor – Result in Lesser Bounce Rate.

It’s important to preload the fonts on a website because people don’t have the patience to wait several seconds for your site to fully load and be navigable.

How To Preload Fonts in WordPress?

<link rel="preload" href="fonts/cicle_fina-webfont.woff2" as="font" type="font/woff2" crossorigin="anonymous"/>

Simply, Copy and Paste the above code into the <head> section of your WordPress Website.

You can use a plugin name, “Insert Headers and Footers” to add the code easily or Pasting it directly to header.php of the theme.

If you’re preloading fonts from a 3rd Party CDN service, make sure the font files you’re loading match the fonts specified in your CSS.  Fonts can also be regularly updated, and if you’re preloading an old version while using the CSS for a newer one, you may end up downloading two versions of the same font.

Preload informs the browser that it needs to download this file faster. It is important to remember that if preload is not used correctly, it can degrade performance by making excessive requests for resources that are not in use.


Yay! It’s simple to preload fonts in WordPress. Font preloading, when used correctly, will help you improve the speed at which your site can display visible text content, resulting in faster page load time.

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