How To Fix 508 Resource Limit is Reached Error in WordPress

When your account’s resources are continuously consumed, the error message “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” appears. CPU use, RAM usage, and/or the number of concurrent processes running under your hosting account are examples of these resources.

Error codes on a WordPress website are really a hard thing to deal with. And, unlike certain other errors, HTTP Error 508 is a little more difficult to detect. The HTTP error 508 is actually quite uncommon.

If you’re having problems most of the time, you can look into troubleshooting potential problems by following the steps below:

1. Too Many Plugins

Some plugins, such as shopping carts or event calendar plugins, are simply heavy by default. The more visits your site gets, the more resources it will consume and the slower it will become.
If you need a specific plugin or theme but it continues to consume a lot of resources, we recommend contacting the theme or plugin’s developer for assistance. You could need to suggest a dedicated server if the code cannot be optimized.

It is recommended to use popular hosting like Cloudways or WPX – To keep your site always running and safe from viruses!

2. High Traffic

You can also return a 508 if your server becomes overburdened and is unable to handle user requests. Perhaps you received a lot of traffic from social media or even organically, Contact your host and update your plan if your server is down for this and returning a 508 error. That’s what there is to it. You want your servers to be up and running as soon as possible.

3. DDoS Attack

If you are under a DDoS attack, your server will run out of resources and return a 508 error. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs when someone floods the website with so much traffic that it can’t handle it. Typically, this is achieved by the use of a botnet, which is a vast network of connected computers controlled by a single person or a group of people.

If you’re using a Content Delivery Network, You can block the Spammy IPs to stop them.

How To Fix 508 Resource Limit is Reached Error

1. Deactivate ALL Plugin

Resource usage issues can be caused by poorly coded scripts, such as 3rd party themes or plugins installed on a WordPress website. We recommend disabling all plugin. After that, you can track resource use with those plugins disabled, and then reactivate the plugins one by one before you figure out which one is causing your problem.

2. Clear Cache

Simply go into the settings of a plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache and look for the buttons that allow you to clear the cache, delete files, and/or regenerate CSS.

Check that all of the plugins you’re using are updated, and that all of the plugins and themes you’re not using are removed. Storage space, memory, and inode use are all freed up as a result of this.

3. Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

This problem is normally caused by a lack of resources. The only immediate option is to upgrade your hosting account or migrate to other hosting providers like Cloudways to get more resources.

It’s too easy to migrate your WordPress website from one host to other. So, If your host is causing trouble, We recommend you to transfer your website.


Sadly, the 508 limits are an unavoidable part of providing reliable web hosting in a shared environment. You may receive one for a number of reasons, the most common of which is that your website or web hosting account is using more resources than the hosting company has allocated to the account.

Keep these points in mind to keep your site up and running!

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