Gutenberg 10.2 Introduces Scoped Patterns And New Features

To the point:

  • v10.2 of the Gutenberg WordPress plugin is now released.
  • Users can now use a Spacer block to separate Navigation items and categorise custom template parts.
  • In several aspects, the user experience continues to improve.

The Gutenberg WordPress plugin has been updated to version 10.2. When adding the Query block, users can now add a Spacer block between Navigation items, categorise custom template parts, and select between patterns.

Due to WordPress incompatibility problem, it is also causing “fatal errors.” Gutenberg auto-updates should conduct a compatibility check and give notice if incompatibility occurs.

This error does not appear for Gutenberg site publishers who updated to WordPress 5.7 and then to Gutenberg 10.2. Publishers who updated to Gutenberg 10.2 but not to WordPress itself, however, may encounter the fatal error.

For Gutenberg 10.2, the development team fixed over 30 bugs. They also kept working on experimental features including the site editor, global styles, and block-based navigation menus.

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