Google will rollout ‘Page Experience Algorithm’ Update in Mid-June

Starting the middle of June 2021, Google Search will start considering the “latest page experience update” for its ranking systems. The update was initially scheduled to be released in May. The search engine behemoth said that it wanted to give Web publishers and site owners enough time to make the necessary changes for the page experience update.

Google Search will be improved as a result of the latest update. In addition, the AMP badge will be removed. For the time being, the icon is available to indicate AMP content in search results.

“We’ll start utilizing web page expertise as a part of our rating techniques starting in mid-June 2021. However, web page expertise will not play its full function as a part of these techniques till the top of August,” Google stated in a blog post.

According to Google, the update should not cause any “major changes” to websites. Google has now introduced a new type of Page Experience report, which will be available via the Search Console. This new report will include the current Core Web Vitals report as well as reports on HTTPS safety, the absence of intrusive interstitials, secure looking status, and cellular friendliness.

With this update, Search Console’s Search Performance report has been updated to provide the ability to filter pages with a good page experience. This will effectively keep track of how well-experienced pages compare to other pages on a website.

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