Google will cut 24% tax from Non-US Youtube Creators

To the point:

  • Now, Google will deduct taxes from the YouTube earnings from the Non-US based creators.
  • Important: If you’re a creator based outside of the United States, submitting your tax information will result in a withholding rate of 0-30 per cent on earnings from US-based viewers.
  • The new policy does not affect US-based YouTube creators.

According to the support page, Google will deduct taxes on YouTube earnings from US viewers from not only ad views, but also YouTube Premium, Super Chat, and channel memberships.

If the creators based in the US have provided valid tax information, there will be no tax withholding on their earnings.

If no U.S. tax information is given, Google may deduct the maximum tax rate that will again depend on the type and country of the AdSense account creator.

If the creator account is classified as a Business Account, the default withholding rate would be 30% of the U.S. viewer’s earnings.

If your creator account is listed as an individual account, the backup withholding would apply and you will pay 24 per cent of the total revenue.

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