Google updates YouTube ad targeting terms to Stop Hate speech

The step follows a report by The Markup, which found that marketers could look for terms like “white lives matter” and “white power” when choosing where to place advertisements on YouTube, according to The Verge.

According to the report, Google was also banning advertisers from using words like “Black Lives Matter” to identify videos and channels to advertise against.

After contacting YouTube parent company Google for comment, The Markup found that the company had actually blocked further racial and social justice words, such as “Black excellence” and “civil rights.

“We take the issue of hate and harassment very seriously and condemn it in the strongest terms possible,” According to The Verge, a Google spokesperson said.

YouTube claims it has several levels of security in place to prevent offensive or negative advertising from appearing on its website, and it frequently removes hate speech content.

Last year, the company said it blocked or deleted more than 867 million ads, totaling more than 3 billion bad ads, for attempting to evade its detection systems.

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