Google to shut down its Q&A search feature by June 30

After two months, Google’s “Question & Answers” feature, a never-ending section of Quora-like quick knowledge snippets that were so common on numerous search results pages, is reportedly set to be retired.

According to Android Police, Google’s questions and answers service will be shut down by June 30. The topic’s support page has been modified to inform users of the feature’s closure on that specific day.

The feature itself was not very old, and it seemed to have been added just a few years ago. When you tap or click on one of the questions or answers, the list between the search results normally populates with a few more “related questions” and solutions below them. Google also seems to have made it possible for publishers to respond to user-posted questions.

Google to shut down its Q&A search feature by June 30

Despite the fact that the company’s website does not claim that this feature is exclusive to India, it is widely assumed that it was developed with the Indian market in mind. According to Google’s documentation, contributions to Google Search do not work in a variety of languages or across a wide range of countries or regions. We may use this function to ask questions and getting answers based on the search results.

Google also lets people request and answer questions from the website as well as the Google app on their smartphones.

If you’ve contributed to some questions and answers over the last couple of years, Google says you can export your responses to Google Takeout before they’re removed from the web at the end of June.

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