Google to launch its Page Experience Update in Mid-June

Starting in the middle of June 2021, Google will begin to consider the “new page experience update” for its ranking systems.

As part of the Page Experience update that Google announced last week, desktop and mobile results will both benefit from the update. Thus, owners of desktop sites shouldn’t worry if they’re not ready by mid-June.

It’s important to know that Google will still evaluate mobile and desktop pages separately. Therefore, it is not possible to aggregate ratings across desktop and mobile.

Page Experience is one of Google’s requirements for mobile search results, but if a PC site does not meet those requirements, mobile search rankings will be boosted.

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According to Google, it wanted to give publishers and site owners enough time to make the necessary changes to the page experience update.

Google Search will be enhanced by the new update. Additionally, you will no longer see the AMP badge. For now, this icon is available on search results pages to indicate AMP content.

In addition to rolling out signed exchanges (SXGs) on Google Search for all pages, Google appears to be working on doing away with the AMP framework

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