Google releases a major update to its core algorithm

Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison, announced Wednesday that Google’s June 2021 Core Update has begun rolling out. Another core update is planned for July.

This year’s algorithm update would be most notable for bringing fall and rise in terms of statistics, particularly since it is releasing in a two-week timeframe. It’s really uncommon for Google to release two updates so close together. However, the company claims that most sites will be unaffected by any of them.

The company says some of the updated features planned for June 2021 will not be ready in time for the release. As a result, Google has decided to push forward with the parts ready today, but the rest will follow in July 2021.

You may see your rankings go up, or may see your rankings go down, as with any Google algorithm update. The July 2021 core update may reverse the effects of the June 2021 core update, though

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There is no change to Google’s standard recovery guidance following a broad core algorithm update.

Therefore, there is no need to panic if your site has been negatively impacted by the June update. Also, don’t celebrate too soon if you see positive changes. It will be notified when the rollout is complete, which is likely before the mid-June page experience update.

An algorithm update that negatively impacts a site is not a sign that it’s done something wrong or that its content is poor. In truth, it is more of a sign that the searching patterns of the past might not apply to today’s searchers.

Think ahead to July’s core update and make your site as good as possible before the July core update instead of reacting to this month’s changes. The fact that Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis gives us a point of reference to determine whether you changed something on your website or that Google changed something, so try to monitor your analytics.

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