Google News disclosed the criteria that it uses to Rank its News Sources

A recently posted blog on Google Search Central explained how Google chooses which news articles appear on Google News and on other feeds and how it decides which ones should be posted.

Today, trust is based on transparency. Therefore, news that contains all the relevant background information is more credible than one that does not contain these details. As well as the exact date, time, source, the author’s name, and some background information about them, such as the firm and their network, this background information conveys the author’s identity.

As part of the Google News policies, news can now be evaluated properly before it is shared. This policy comes from the desire to make sure that only news coming from a reputable source is published on the platform.

Google also shares the news policy because it believes sharing these details will help readers self-evaluate a news-sharing website’s credibility.

As the blog shared the principles on which assessments are conducted, the company made it clear that it is aware of the regional diversity when it shared the news. However, as transparency rules can vary from region to region, it may be risky to disclose too many details, or even the source name.

Furthermore, they make sure that the news doesn’t lose its credibility by sharing an article without the source’s name. Also, they make sure that other companies publishing online news also follow these rules.

This information is essential for both the readers of the blog and those who want to get their news accepted. In conclusion, the company stated that it wishes to follow its policies. It is dedicated to helping its readers stay up-to-date with only authentic news while recognizing trustworthy sources.

Source: Google News Sources

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